Thailand 2013 was another success for Traditional Philately

Traditional Philately did get all three Grand Prix awards at the FIP exhibition in Thailand in August 2013.

In the Championship Class Marta & Ana Barreras Ruano, Spain won the Grand Prix D'Honnour for the exhibit "The First Stamp of Spain".

Tan Ah Ee, Singapore won the Grand Prix International for the exhibit "Straits Settlements Classic" and Nuntawat Eurchukiat, Thailand won the Grand Prix National for the exhibit "Siam: King Rama VIII and the World War II".

IMG 5102

(From left to right, Nuntawat Eurchukiat from Thailand, Group Captain Anudith Nakornthap, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Jesus Sitja Commissioner from Spain and Tan Ah Ee from Singapore)

All in all 113 exhibitor in Traditional Philately exhibited 5 or 8 frames and was awarded the following medals

17 Large Gold
30 Gold

32 Large Vermeil

20 Vermeil

12 Large Silver

2 Silver

In addition 19 exhibitors showed their Traditional Philately exhibits in the One Frame Class

Lars Peter Svendsen 2012-17