The next Commission meeting in the Traditional Philately Commission will take place in connection with the World Stamp Championship Exhibition PHILATAIPEI 2016

All delegates are welcome to the Traditional Philately Commission meeting at Taipei 2016

Venue: World Trade Center, Taipei - Jury Room

Time: Monday, 24 October 2016 08:30 to 10:30 


1. Roll call

2. Election to the Bureau:

   a. Election of Chairman - Nominated is Lars Peter Svendsen, Denmark

   b. Election of Secretary - Nominated is Patricia Stilwell-Walker, USA

   c. Election of bureau member FEPA - Nominated is Jean-François Gibot, France

   d. Election of bureau member FIAP - Nominated is Yau Khai Weng, Singapore

   e. Election of bureau member FIAF - No nomination is received and the Chairman will appoint the FIAF        bureau member.

3. Achievements for the last four years

4. Plans for upcoming years

5. Follow up on the discussion in New York on Guidelines for Judging Traditional Philately Exhibits

6. Closing of the meeting

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